Warning... Do Not Buy SHARP HD TV Products

They will not service them, honor any warranty or treat the customer with any respect.

We purchased this 64" HD TV and had it installed when we built the house. We've occupied the house for about 14 months out of 3 years...(I've been away at Law School). We also purchased an HD Coverter box for another TV that is also not functioning... and no support is offered here either. The TV and other electronics still work fine, but not the HD function which worked for about a year. Then, miraculously, they both went out simultaneously. We suspected an electrical spike, but EVERYTHING else worked, including Televisions, 3 separate surround sound systems and sophisticated distributed sound installation equipment (from Niles... with approximately 5,000 feet of wiring installed.) Sharp has not been of ANY assistance and per their technician on the phone with a Houston Technician when discussing a failed diagnostic installation of a "chip" which has cost me $1,000 so far, the SHARP technician said, [paraphrased], about the hit or miss diagnostic work and failure to solve the problem and subsequent prospect of random expenses to try various random solutions, "They bought a $10,000 TV, they can afford it and will pay it".... This problem has gone on for over 1 year (it's now 1/5/2004) with no solution. REPEAT: DO NOT BUY ANY SHARP PRODUCTS IF YOU HOPE FOR ANY SERVICE OR SUPPORT AFTER THEY'VE TAKEN YOUR INITIAL PAYMENT!

PHOTOS OF Sharp Model 64LHP5000 ... Converter box for other installation is the Sharp Model TU-DTV1000

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