Photos Taken: February 5, 2000

Exterior2_5_00.jpg (59175 bytes)UpDeckExtViewWest.jpg (52719 bytes)UpDeckExtViewEast.jpg (58329 bytes)

Exterior from East View:             View from UpperDeck to West:    View from Upper Deck to East

The exterior is getting done.. The Hurricane Shutters are in and most of the soffits and exterior work is near completion.

SheetRockDr_Kit.jpg (35871 bytes)FamRmFPSheetR.jpg (39205 bytes)SheetRockBr_Lynn.jpg (31301 bytes)

From the Living room to the Dining room and the Kitchen. Next continues on to the bar area and start of entry hall to living room. Third is of the Living room to the outside.

GreenCarWash.jpg (33913 bytes)LRSheetRockMike_Bar.jpg (42054 bytes)FamRmFPSheetR.jpg (39205 bytes)

Master Bath "Car Wash" Shower / Jacuzzi.... Family Room (2 pics) looking toward Fireplace (above which will be the bank of 3 televisions and next to it the Jukebox and sound system / satellite system boxes on  the right). The sheet rock work is nearly done and next is the cabinet work / trim carpentry work. That should start next week.

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