Texas Beach House.... 4210 Rum Bay, Galveston, Texas  77544

(*If you click on the picture, it should enlarge in your browser.... if it doesn't, try right button clicking and see if that gives you the option to Zoom in.)  As we progress, we're moving photos to separate pages so it doesn't take so long to load the front page..... You can go back and see the progression if you wish, or you can just stop here and see the latest ones....Thanks for stopping by....

1. Photos Taken: September 9, 1999.

2. Photos Taken: October 7, 1999.....

  The Roof is on, the rooms are laid out inside and things are getting underway. The bottom right picture is from under the house showing how far it is to the ocean......yahoo.....more photos.

3. Photos Taken: October 26, 1999

4. Photos Taken: November 12, 1999

5. Photos Taken: February 5, 2000

6. Photos Taken March 11/12, 2000

7. Photos Taken June 24,2000



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